Folding Dish Rack
Fall 2022

A compact folding dish rack deployed when drying dishes. Soji creates an adaptive kitchen environment and eliminates the need of stationary dish racks that occupy usable space.

Kitchen Appliances are

In the United States the kitchen counter top space averages 30 square feet. In urban areas this measurement can be much smaller. Most of this space is occupied by large stationary tools that do not adapt and move to the users cooking needs.

The average compact dish rack measures 9 x 14 x 6 inches

Common dish racks occupy 0.43 cubic feet that could be utilized for food prep. This large footprint can be transferred to different locations but the form cannot adapt to the environment. 

Current dish rack designs occupy precious counter top space that could be used for cooking or cleaning.

Static dish racks are hard to clean due to the complexity of their construction.

Project Goals


Material choice and construction will make it easier to clean 


The interactions will be clear and simple. 


This product will disappear when not in use.




Kitchen Feel

Angled Drain Panels

The interior panels of the Soji Dish Rack are cut at a 4 degree angle on the bottom edge to create a invisible water drain.

Water Drain Testing

To test the water drain system a polystyrene model was created with the 4 degree slope on the interior panels. 

A coffee cup was covered in water to simulate washing dishes.

Nylon with Hydrophobic coating pull tabs for easy and clean deployment.

Flat configuration for larger items that do not fit inside the slots.

Hidden friction hinges injection molded into the panels.

Invisible interior drain.