Table Lamp
Winter 2023

The Kyoko Table Lamp is a friendly approach to a lamp design. The soft natural curves and off white color create connection with the user.

Air Puirfiers

Air filters are devices that effectively sterilize and clean the air in locations it's deployed in.


- Better Sleep
- Reduces Asthma Symptoms
- Reduces Illness Transmission
- Reduces Pet Allergie Symptoms
- Helps Reduce Dust

Sketch models established scale and proportion. This process validated this form as manufacturable and easy for the user to replace the lightbulb.

The final CAD model created a positive thermoforming mold out of 3D printed PLA and polyurethane foam.

After testing ABS, Polystyrene, HEPE, PE, and Acrylic, PE was picked for the thermoformed light diffuser due to its opacity and ease of thermoforming.

3D Printed exterior housing