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Dust Pan + Brush
Winter 2021

Koji focuses on the interaction between wood and plastic. This product explorers material interaction and how it can be used as a tool to navigate the operations of a dust pan + brush.


The current dustpan + brush designs on the market are very large objects that are difficult to store and use in a small room or apartment. Cleaning desks and small counter tops are made difficult by their large form factor and their focus on cleaning floors.

Design Goals

- Familiar
- Approachable
- Functional
- Unobtrusive
- Appealing
- Honest

Material Interaction As Inspiration

Designing a dustpan + brush that emphasizes the materials used in construction to help navigate the user in utilizing it to clean their home.

Connection Development

This connection must be sturdy and reliable for the user. It also must be interactive and intuitive making cleaning the home simple.