Home Air Purifier
Spring 2022

AP-1 focuses on user interaction. Creating a straight forward air purifier, allowing the user to understand how effectively it is working and when to replace the filter.

Air Puirfiers

Air filters are devices that effectively sterilize and clean the air in locations it's deployed in.


- Better Sleep
- Reduces Asthma Symptoms
- Reduces Illness Transmission
- Reduces Pet Allergie Symptoms
- Helps Reduce Dust

Without clean air in the home normal tasks can become uncomfortable.

Current air purifiers hide the filter

Due to the filtration system being invisible to the user the condition of the filter is often overlooked.

Effects of Dirty Filters

- Decreased filter efficiency
- Bacteria growth
- Higher electric consumption
- Dustier living spaces
- Bad odor

Design Goals


AP-1 will physically show the user when to replace the filter.

Intuitive UI

The UI will be clear and provide feedback.


AP-1's form will be inviting and soft to create a relationship with the user.


Cylinder height was important for the overall form of AP-1. After creating three sketch models with different heights the most proportionate was the smallest.

Capacitive Button

The capacitive button on Ap-1 is multifunctional acting both as a power and menu button.

AP-1 filters form the bottom up to prevent debris from falling into the top.

Toolless filter replacement

CNC machined aluminum construction

CNC machining is utilized in all the aluminum components due to their complexity. This process creates repeatable components with high accuracy.

Blow molded Components

The PET plastic top of AP-1 is blow molded to produce a strong yet thin component.